The Power of the Open House

Have you ever wondered why Real Estate Agents prefer (or don’t) prefer to do open houses?  Many customers feel they do not want strangers walking through their home, but isn’t that the point of placing your home on the market, to get maximum exposure?  Agents that know how to perform an open house properly tend to love doing them.  They know the right qualifying questions to ask, how to prospect, enjoy the interaction and are knowledgeable about current market conditions.  They find that if they do the open houses enough, there is a potential to sell the very home they are sitting open as well as find potential buyers and sellers for other properties.  The customer experiences maximum exposure and all parties are happy with the results.  At Premier Plus Realty our agents are trained thoroughly on open house etiquette and safety to ensure that your open house experience will be superior.  We pride ourselves in turning prospects into buyers and sellers as well as gaining as much knowledge as possible about the market in your surrounding area.  A happy agent is key when choosing representation for your marketing.  Happy people tend to be nicer, easier to communicate with and willing to try new things.  The open house is powerful.  Our agents are knowledgeable.  You are ready!

-John Sciara, Broker-Manager

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